Parks under protection

Opatija's three protected parks are each special in their own way.

The Angiolina Park offers an unforgettable combination of walking through the forest part, leisurely sitting on shadowed benches positioned along the central lawn and resting your eyes by watching the beautiful green colour of the well-nurtured lawn, strutting along the historical floor, breathing in sea air and being refreshed by a gentle breeze.

The park’s added value is in its educational and recreational character. The gravel pathways interlaced through the natural laurel groves, the impressive trees and the camellia field are a unique combination in the very centre of the town. The unique park floor overviewing the sea is an unavoidable motif of everyone’s photography.

The St. Jacob Park circles the parks’ entirety of the town’s centre, inviting the walker to rest under the old cedar trees. The pleasure of resting on one of the benches is unique because of the large representative sward which acts as a pillow-zone between the main street and the nature. A walk along the palm tree alley is remembered forever due to the fragrant roses braided around the palms.

The Margarita Park is a mandatory destination for more demanding walkers and recreationists. The hilly and woody landscape with exceptional flora does not leave anyone indifferent.