Park Margarita

The Margarita Park is the second largest park in Opatija, and the third oldest one. It was founded somewhere around 1900. It was declared a protected monument of park architecture in 1968. It is situated in the north-western part of Opatija, above Slatina, and behind the hotel Opatija. It stretches on a surface of 2.2 ha. According to data from 1915, the central part has been spatially preserved in its entirety; the devastations happened in the park's fringe parts due to various extensions and reconstructions of the adjoining buildings.

By the looks of certain plants (oak tree, bearberry, Judas tree etc.) it could be said that it is older than the Angiolina Park, but the reason for this is probably due the fact that during its foundation more, already existing, plants had been preserved. The park consists of 22 land plots. Since its foundation until present day, the natural forest of laurel and Downy oak has been the one preserved to the greatest extent. The sub-zone is dominated by various types of pines, cedars, cypresses, palms and magnolias. There are 48 preserved types of plants.

From the more exclusive plants, here we find: Gingko biloba, Libocedrus deccurens (Californian cedar), Phyllostachys sp (bamboo), Sequoia gigantea (giant sequoia), Sequoia sempervirens (coastal mamutovac) and others.

It was shaped as an intimate corner inviting walkers into the peace of the garden and to enjoy the abundance of plant species. It has no architectural elements since it was conceptualised as a contemplative area, with a web of pathways and staircases. The relation between the grass plane and the high trees framing the park is quite noteworthy.

Its position protects it from winds. In the central part of the park, the vegetation cover is more open, while laurel, together with other decorative and exotic plants, densely covers the ground.